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The mission of KANA is education aiming at versatile professional, intellectual and spiritual development of young generation.



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KANA's Partner Wins Microsoft's Worldwide Competition!

We are happy to inform that in the annual worldwide competition for best manager of „Partners in Learning” (PiL) Microsoft's Educational Programme, this year's “PiL Champion Award” was granted to Mr. Jan Polak, Ph.D., manager of the Polish edition of PiL. Mr. Jan Polak thus became distinguished amongst all PiL managers from around the world.

Let us remind that the „Partners in Learning” Programme Microsoft’s long-term educational programme intended to offer assistance to schools, teachers and students as regards improving skills in application of Information and Communication Technology. By providing suitable products and services, “Partners in Learning” facilitates the process of ICT-enhanced transfer of knowledge to students. The main aim of the Programme is to decrease the digital exclusion risk by striving to integrate the Information and Communication Technologies into the school environment, including all its actors – teachers, students, administration staff and parents.

KANA joined the PiL activities in March 2005 when we commenced co-operation with Microsoft as the Regional Centre for Innovation. The TEACH-IT.NET project was immediately perceived as being in affinity with PiL.

Co-operation of KANA and Microsoft focus on the following areas:

  • devising and developing a coherent methodology of professional development of teachers with regard to application of ICT in education;
  • delivering ICT training courses for teachers;
  • practical work with teachers on school premises, providing support to teachers during their first attempts to make practical use of ICT in classroom;
  • developing the ICT certification system for teachers;
  • promoting activities relating to Internet security for children and youth.

We would like to give our heartfelt congratulations to the Prize-Winner, Mr. Jan Polak, and express our genuine joy at the fact that Polish PiL efforts aimed at ICT professional development of teachers have been appreciated on an international forum!


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