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2nd Prize for the InterEOL project in the 'ICT in Education'

By virtue of the Competition Commission’s decision, the InterEOL project was awarded 2nd prize in the competition ‘ICT in Education’ organized by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System, Socrates Programme, in the 1st thematic category, i.e.: ‘Innovative Approaches in the Process of Teaching / Learning, Didactic Methods and Tools Making Use of ICT to Improve the Quality of Education on All Educational Levels’.

The aim of the competition was to select the best Socrates Programme projects promoting application of ICT in education. The competition was open to all institutions and organizations (public and non-public), which were involved in implementation of educational projects under any Socrates Programme component in: 2000 - 2005.

The projects entered were supposed to demonstrate original and innovative, practical solutions concerning application of Information and Communication Technologies in education of children, youth or adults.

In total, 49 projects were entered for the competition. The list of projects awarded and submitted is available on the Foundation’s website.


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