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Program rozwojowy dla Technikum nr 3 w Gliwicach
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

KANA Gliwice is not just an educational service provider. We are innovators in our community, who prepare the younger generations to be dedicated employees, successful entrepreneurs and socially responsible members of their community.

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Microsoft® has published case study on the "" project implemented by KANA Gliwice

The document, which is published on Microsoft® website, includes detailed information about the project" - Innovative Methods of the Use of Information Technology in Vocational Development of Teachers and Coaches" as well as the cooperation between KANA Gliwice and Microsoft® under framework of "Partners in Learning" Programme. Attention has also been given to ongoing projects which comprise practical implementation of the teachers' vocational development methodology. These include:

The case study is available online.

It is also accessible through the website presenting European activities under framework of "Partners in Learning" Programme.


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