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Ladies and Gentlemen,

KANA Gliwice is not just an educational service provider. We are innovators in our community, who prepare the younger generations to be dedicated employees, successful entrepreneurs and socially responsible members of their community.

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KANA Gliwice is a Non-Public Training Centre, registered 07.04.1994 and a Non-Public In-Service Teacher Training Centre registered 1 July 2004. A non-profit, non-governmental educational organisation specialising in the provision of ICT and modern languages to teachers, VET trainers, adult learners and youth. Within the scope of activities there is developing and coordinating EU projects promoting application of cutting-edge technology in the teaching and learning arena. Also developed are new CPD strategies with regard to using ICT to enhance teaching performance.

Since 1994 KANA has been involved in development of vocational skills of thousands of young adults, deriving from disadvantaged families and therefore unable to cover the cost of extracurricular courses. Our mission is to educate young generation, aiming for their versatile development – professional, intellectual, spiritual.

In 2001 KANA adapted and expanded 'Youth and Knowledge' Siemens programme and launched ICT training courses 'Multimedia in Teaching', attended by 2200 teachers. This experience led to creation of the Project '' – Innovative Methods of the Use of Information Technology in Vocational Development of Teachers and Trainers' (, implemented in 2003-2006 under the EU Leonardo da Vinci Programme. This key initiative consisted in creation of comprehensive ICT training methodology and designing modular training courses directly responding to current needs of teachers with regard to the use of modern technology solutions in education.

Although originally designed to serve specifically the needs of Polish teachers, the '' ICT training methodology is generic and has high potential for transferability to other occupational groups. The greatest asset is valorisation: all previous project outcomes are being continuously disseminated and exploited so that needs of different, new groups of users are met. Thanks to Microsoft’s participation in this project, under framework of the Partners in Learning program, its results have acquired a systemic dimension.

Extremely relevant is the fact that the '' ICT training methodology has been recently upgraded and adapted to e-learning mode. An ongoing project ' – Model Vocational Development for Social Life Animateurs in Southern Poland', carried out under framework of EEA Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, brings about a new opportunity to construct and deliver enhanced blended learning courses. The project targets teachers, local government staff members and NGO staff members.

Other projects currently implemented include:

All projects devised in KANA are intended to encourage creative uses of technology in education aiming at optimisation of teaching and learning processes.

Since 2005 as the "Regional Centre for Innovation" KANA has been closely cooperating with Microsoft under the framework of "Partners in Learning" - a long-term educational programme providing support to teachers as regards the ICT-supported transfer of knowledge to students.

All training courses offered in KANA are free-of-charge.

In recognition of educational achievements, KANA Gliwice has been awarded a Special Prize by the Minister of Social Policy and the first prize in the category of education in the "Pro Publico Bono" Competition for Best Civic Initiative.

As a non-profit organization, KANA is fully dependent on financial support provided by enterprises, foundations and voluntary contribution of kind-hearted individuals.

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