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Program rozwojowy dla Technikum nr 3 w Gliwicach
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KANA Gliwice is not just an educational service provider. We are innovators in our community, who prepare the younger generations to be dedicated employees, successful entrepreneurs and socially responsible members of their community.

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Educational co-operation of Poland and Ukraine

A training for Ukrainian representatives of education is underway in KANA Gliwice. The training is organized within the framework of the new project ‘ - Building knowledge-based society in Ukraine’, co-financed by the Governments of Canada and Poland through the Polish-Canadian Development Co-operation Program, administered by the Education for Democracy Foundation. The project is intended to prepare infrastructure and human resources for implementation of results of EU project: in Ukraine. Consequently, one of the main barriers obstructing the process of building a knowledge-based society – teachers’ inability to employ Information Technology in teaching practices – will be removed. This project lays the groundwork for all further stages of implementation, which will be subsequently financed by other sources. Under this project, the technical and administrative infrastructure will be created and the project team recruited and suitably trained in order to carry out future implementation of the program in Ukraine. Project activities include: equipping the computer laboratory and office (Lviv); running a training for 16 IT methodology experts, educational policy-makers, educational managers (Gliwice); organising a conference attended by approx. 200 persons (Lviv), intended to promote and disseminate the program; recruiting a project team (methodology experts, translators, trainers, graphics experts, webmasters) that will be involved in implementation of the in Ukraine programme.


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